BaVel eProcurement Success Stories: Digitizing the supply chain of distributor Dino and its franchisees

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The starting point

Dino is a distributor of industrial cleaning, hygiene and maintenance products and articles made up of 26 independent franchisees operating in different parts of Spain. Each franchisee operates on their own CIF, even though many customers demand unified invoices. To do this, Dino performed manual reference equivalence work between each franchisee and the distributor itself, for a total of 4000 references. In addition, many of their customers require them to work with electronic transactions, even though their structure is not ready for it.

As a result of this situation, Dino identifies several inefficiencies: he does not have the technological resources to dump all orders in his ERP and issue invoices agilely; the franchisee-distributor reference change is made manually and with possible errors; and it is difficult to obtain reports to perform a thorough analysis of each client's weight for further negotiation.

baVel was the most interesting option because many of our customers in the HORECA sector already had it implemented.

A, Dino Management Deputy

Dino has a real-time track of each customer's consumption and weight.

The solution

As a group, Dino decides to digitize and automate communication between customer – distributor – franchised with order, packing slip and invoice through baVel: "We found it to be the most interesting option because much of our customers in the HORECA sector had baVel implanted", explains Patricio Ortega, Dino's Deputy Director. At the same time they have also changed ERP, they have gone from Linux to Navision.

Dino's three-way logic is the challenge in this project, as you usually work with a two-way flow. baVel develops a solution adapted to connect customers with Dino, and also to Dino with all franchisees, also automating the communication between partner and distributor.

Thanks to the implementation of baVel, friction-free operation is achieved: the customer issues the order that travels to Dino's central system and sends it to the corresponding franchisee. Once the goods are delivered, the packing slip is automatically integrated into Dino's ERP and each franchisee issues the invoice to the distributor, who delivers them in the format required by each customer. Thus, Dino has a real-time monitoring of the consumptions and weight of each client.

The results

Today, nearly half of franchisees are connected to Dino via baVel. The purchasing center manages 22% of billing through the electronic transaction platform. This means that Dino's management team has doubled its management capacity: Dino now has one worker in the administrative department for every 3 million euros in turnover. Finally, Ortega claims to have retained customers thanks to baVel: "I have noticed that the loyalty of a customer integrated with Voxel is 50% greater than an un-integrated customer". Dino has designed a 24-month implementation plan for all franchisees to contact the sales center through baVel.

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