5ª Convención DHYS GROUP con partners estratégicos

La semana pasada en Atenas tuvimos nuestro 5 ° Strategic #partners #Convention, ¡y fue un éxito! El #event reunió a todos los representantes de nuestra organización y 10 #supplier estratégicos. ¡Fue una oportunidad para estrechar lazos, intercambios constructivos, hablar de #sostenibilidad y decidir sobre acciones a tomar juntos y definitivamente hablar sobre el #futuro ! […]

DHYS GROUP envía 75 pallets de mercancía para ayudar a Ucrania

Durante estos largos meses, todos nuestros pensamientos se han dirigido a la población ucraniana. Nos enfrentamos a una emergencia mundial por primera vez en la historia europea desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Gran parte de la población, en su mayoría mujeres y niños, se vio obligada a abandonar sus casas. Nuestro GRUPO DHYS, del que […]

Llagosnet's sustainable initiative, a new vision for hospitality

Altimir FoodLab and Tana GreenCare Professional join Llagosnet, a member of GRUPO DINO, on the first Hygiene Day for Sustainable Destinations. On Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 March, the Hygiene Day for Sustainable Destinations was held, aimed at business entrepreneurs of accommodation such as: hotels, campsites and apartments in the area of Castell-Platja d'Aro and […]

Lladopol collaborates with SOS Turismo

Our delegations in the Balearic Islands, like many other people and companies, work directly or indirectly in the tourism sector and the long duration of the pandemic puts both workers and employers in a complicated situation. SOS TURISMO is a platform of Balearic society and its productive fabric that aims to make your message heard […]

DINO obtains Plimsoll Certificate of Business Excellence 2020

DINO has been awarded the Plimsoll 2020 award in recognition of its remarkable work and performance, being one of the companies with the highest ROA and highest sales rate per employee in the sector of the distribution of industrial cleaning products and equipment in Spain

PROINDEX continues its growth and changes its facilities

Our franchisee, which covers the Autonomous Community of Galicia, Proindex moves to new facilities, where they will have more space and better infrastructures, both for their offices and for their logistics warehouse.The objective is to have a new headquarters, from which to be able to offer a better service to all customers.

HIPROSOL increases its facilities to 3,000 m2

Our franchisee from Seville, moves to new facilities from a capacity of 1300 to 2800 pallets with a modern concept in terms of planning, control and storage. They will also have a Training Room to perform Master Class from the main manufacturers of the sector or a modern Showroom and with the most advanced and […]

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