Lladopol collaborates with SOS Turismo

Our delegations in the Balearic Islands, like many other people and companies, work directly or indirectly in the tourism sector and the long duration of the pandemic puts both workers and employers in a complicated situation.

SOS TURISMO is a platform of Balearic society and its productive fabric that aims to make your message heard loud and clear.

Collectively, responsible behaviour must be taken to help overcome the health situation and not create risky situations, but administrations must also do their part and manage diligently and quickly to address the consequences of the pandemic on its health, economic and social side.

We demand that those who govern us clearly in the plans for action, agility and effective action, as they have the responsibility and capacity to implement measures that will, as soon as possible, end the devastating health and socio-economic effects of this pandemic.

We want to revive ourselves and that economic activity resumes as soon as possible, so we make this urgent appeal to act.

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