1. Any DINO GROUP employee if they have any symptomatology (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) that may be associated with COVID-19 will not go to the workplace and contact the COVID-19 service phone of each autonomous community or your center

You will not go to the job until it is confirmed that there is no risk to the job or other employees.

2. If any employee has been in close contact (co-workers, family members and persons who have been in the same place as a case with symptoms less than 2 metres away for a period of at least 15 minutes) or has shared space without saving the interpersonal distance with a person affected by COVID-19, he will also not go to the workplace , even in the absence of symptoms, for a space of at least 14 days.

3. If the employee is vulnerable by age, pregnant or previous medical conditions, he or she will not go to the workplace.


1. Each employee who has to move to their work center will prioritize mobility options that best guarantee the interpersonal distance of approximately 2 meters.


1. Work tasks and processes have been planned so that workers maintain the interpersonal distance of approximately 2 meters, both at the entrance and exit to the workplace and during the stay therein.

2. The company has provided personal protective equipment for all its employees, especially warehouse and distribution personnel who are in contact with the goods.

3. The company has staggered regular schedules and shifts to minimise the risk of contact between employees.

4. Telework and meetings by telephone by videoconference are facilitated, with tools such as TEAMVIEWER; MICROSOFT TEAMS, HANGS OUT…

5. Non-essential work movements that can be controlled by call or videoconference are avoided.


1. From GRUPO DINO, all staff have been provided with the health recommendations to be followed.

2. The staff of the hygiene products necessary to be able to follow the individual recommendations is provided, adapting to each specific activity. In general, DERMO gel sanitizing soap is supplied without perfume or allergens, hydroalcoholic solution and disposable handkerchiefs.

3. Cleaning and reinforced hygiene of all installations are carried out on a daily basis, with special impact on surfaces, especially those that are touched more frequently such as windows or door knobs, as well as all devices commonly used by employees, from machinery controls to tables and computers. Disinfection made of our own branded products, such as Dinan, Actival Clorado and Actival Hygienizante, which are bactericidal and fungicide products, authorized by the Ministry of Health to disinfect, with H.A. Health Records and Environmental Use.

4. Periodic ventilation should be carried out on the premises and at least daily and for space of at least five minutes. In the case of installations with ventilation systems, the cleaning of air filters has been strengthened and the level of ventilation of the air filters has been increased.

5. There is sufficient supply of protective material, especially gloves and masks, for all personnel, especially logistics, warehouse, technician and cleaning personnel.

6. All delivery vehicles such as DINO GROUP warehouse machinery are disinfected daily with a sprayed solution of own-branded Dinan, Actival Chlorine and Actival Hygienizing products, which are bactericidal and fungicide products, authorized by the Ministry of Health to disinfect, with H.A. Sanitary Records and Environmental Use.

7. Only one DINO GROUP employee will go on each delivery vehicle, and will be protected with gloves and masks at all times. Such staff will leave the goods at the door of the delivery center or safe place determined by the customer (whenever possible), and will always maintain the interpersonal distance of approximately 2 meters with the customer's staff. If an identification check is required by the customer, it will be carried out keeping 2 meters away.

8. CANARIAS MERCANCIAS: The vast majority of goods from our suppliers are received in closed containers with an average transit of 10 days. This goods are handled by mechanical means and stored at the criterion of last in/last out.

In case of receipt of goods from suppliers via parcel (outside of closed container) it will be handled by mechanical means and the rotation criterion will be maintained. If immediate dispatch is essential, the external retraction will be immediately removed and, where appropriate, re-retracted by mechanical means.

9. RETURNS: During the Alarm Status period produced by the COVID19 pandemic, no withdrawals of material will be made to customers, as they cannot guarantee possible contamination of their packaging.


1. Comply mandatory with all prevention measures established by GRUPO DINO.

2. Maintain interpersonal distance (approximately 2 meters).

3. Avoid greeting with physical contact, including shake hands.

5. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or with a hydroalcoholic solution. It is especially important to wash after coughing or sneezing or after touching potentially contaminated surfaces. Try to make each wash last at least 40 seconds.

6. Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when coughing and sneezing, then throw it away from a closed trash can. If you don't have tissues use the inside of your elbow so as not to contaminate your hands.

7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

8. Make it easier for cleaning staff to work.

9. Dispose of any personal hygiene waste – especially disposable handkerchiefs – immediately into enabled bins or containers.

10. If symptoms begin to be noticed, notify your peers and superiors, take extreme precautions for both social and hygiene estating while in the workplace and immediately contact the COVID-19 service of each autonomous community.


1. The management of ordinary waste shall continue to be carried out as usual, in compliance with waste separation protocols.

2. Disposable handkerchiefs used by staff for hand drying or for compliance with the "respiratory label" are discarded in bins or containers protected with lid and pedal-operated.

3. Any personal hygiene material (masks, latex gloves, etc.) must be deposited in the remaining fraction (grouping of household waste obtained after separate collection).

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