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Altimir FoodLab and Tana GreenCare Professional join Llagosnet, a member of GRUPO DINO, on the first Hygiene Day for Sustainable Destinations.

On Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 March, the Hygiene Day for Sustainable Destinations was held, aimed at business entrepreneurs of accommodation such as: hotels, campsites and apartments in the area of Castell-Platja d'Aro and S'Agaró. This event took place at the Aromar hotel, which provided a space totally suitable for the occasion. B
eing Platja d'Aro one of the most important tourist destinations in the Costa Brava area, it is essential that the whole sector is aware of the advantages of eco-certified products, and thus be able to provide a beneficial service for society, as well as for the environment. A total of
30 companies in the tourism sector attended the presentations, to learn about the different views that were discussed in terms of business sustainability: The distributor (Business and environmental sustainability), the manufacturer (Sustainability are facts, not words), and the laboratory (The importance of sampling to obtain effective hygienic solutions), also presenting success stories. We hope that, due
to the success of this event and the high participation of the hospitality entrepreneurs in the area, growth towards the ecological transition will develop, leaving sustainable philosophy as the basis for the next generations of the sector.

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